Saturday, August 18, 2012

Narabeen Ocean Pools

The last three weeks happened all in a day. Had I blinked, I would have missed them completely. It started with a visit from Paul's cousins from Auckland, followed by a weekend of fun with a GE colleague, ending in our Anniversary today. Somewhere in between we managed to film a family movie and take this beautiful hike at Narabeen Head. This beach feeds the largest lagoon in the Sydney region and hosts a gorgeous shallow blue crystal clear sand spit. We could only imagine the crowd in the summertime! I walked clear to the end and watched two scuba divers clear their way around the head. They were in full suits and looked chilly, but having fun.

We climbed the staircase just before the pool entrance to the left and had a nice view of the private beach behind us. There wasn't much of a safety railing, and one brave soul had pitched his tent right on the cliffs ledge. The beach looked like a fun place to try to reach, but Nolan is now too big for his pack. He can hike about 2km, and Paul for another 1km while carrying him. For that reason we had to pass on attempting to reach the private beach and simply admired from afar.

Having Frank in town was a lot of fun in spite of bad weather. We toughed it out and headed to Hannibal's in Surry Hills for some tastey Lebanese food followed by a night of dancing at an 80's throwback bar in the ground of the Observer Hotel, CBD. It was nice having a fellow American to empathize about the poor Ausi coverage of US Olymp athletes. With our Zoo and National Park pass about to expire we made our final visits and captured footage for The Wizard of Aus to be premiered late September!

The Wizard of Aus production set at Taronga Zoo :)

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