Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bobbin Head Mangroves & Birrawana Loop

For the last month our family has been vacationing in America with grandparents, extended family and friends. Today was our first family hike in over a month, and my body felt every extra bite of Amish donuts as we descended down the Birrawana loop to Bobbin Head playground. It was a short 2km route, clean and dry along the ridge with sweeping views and sun filled gum trees. The further we trodden, the darker and damper the sandy trail became. Small boulders became giant sandstone outcrops littered with lichen and muddy prints. Nolan's extra two inches he grew over vacation gave him a taller vantage point over my shoulder in his pack. His arms reached for every available nearby branch and just when I thought he had fallen into slumber I asked, "Are you okay Nolan?" "Uh huh," was all I got.

The trail ended at the giant Bobbin head playground and we played for 20 minutes in the sand while Paul returned up the trail to retrieve the car. We then made our way to the Mangrove bridge in the video above. We watched tiny crabs pinch claws full of mealtime mud through the periscope roots. Their size paled in comparison to the tropical mangroves we saw at Daintree, however this small area was much more aromatic. The clean Eucalyptus smell comes through the air so clearly in the Sydney winter months and the back-lit mangroves helped me find my zen moment along the trail. I briefly wondered if I would appreciate the mangroves were they my living room and I were simply passing by them on my daily course of survival. Definitely not the ones at Mt. Misery, where everything is hell bent on killing you. One too many movies on the plane ride home made me reconsider archery and enrolling my children in scouts.  

Preparing oven-baked ribs. Yum!!

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