Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vivid Sydney 2012

This past weekend was our one year anniversary in Sydney (and my birthday), providing cause for celebration. Since we arrived last year during vivid Sydney I thought it would be appropriate to spend an evening walking around the rocks checking out the light sculptures. We invited two other couples to join us whom have also been in Sydney the same length of time. In the true spirit of things, I thought it would be fun to bring along Messmer Gluwein made with an Ausi twist, persimmon. I ran several errands in preparation that morning, including a stop at the hair salon, Mosman market, and the Salvation Army where I found a new cheap wine caddy for $10. It did nicely in insulating the warm wine for the ferry ride to circular quay.

For the next hour we took a roundabout path under the harbor bridge and through the markets in the rocks. There were performers, visual fantasies, and artwork incorporating exercise and sound. We watched as children yelled and grabbed at visual sensory images. Vivid Sydney will always be my first impression of Australia, and I'm quite fond of circular Quay at night even more than by day. The water adds and extra element of luminosity to the whole scene, and I picked a restaurant that overlooked the opera house. Amon Tobin was performing during our meal (which we couldn't see) and the visuals on the opera house focused more on three dimensional aesthetics than the geometric colors of 2011. The Japanese restaurant was only three stars in my mind, but the evening as a whole was seven out of ten. I could have easily walked around for another two hours had a babysitter not been on the clock. I am gratefully we can afford such pleasures in life!
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