Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sydney Quilt Show

As a lover of fine art and sewing, I can't deny the draw I feel to attend a good craft fair. I remember very clearly how much I despised walking into stores that sold nothing but fabric, dishes, or clothing as a kid. Now that I find myself dragging Ana to such places, I feel a bit of remorse and complacency. Yet, after a full morning of trudging two hours to reach our destination followed by another hour on our feet wandering isles of elaborate fabric... she wanted to stay. And even come back after lunch! I was impressed by her appreciation for hard work at such a young age! That didn't stop Ms Ana from touching every quilt she could at arms length or wanting to buy every craft in the sales stalls.

We certainly had our share of jaw droppers, from the Seasonal Sisters (top middle), to Karen Malone and Marilyn Bell. Many of quilters are published professionals with books I've pulled off the shelf in one library or another. Seeing the fruits of their labor in person made me feel a bit rectified in all the work I've throw into quilting over the past years. Being my first show, I had to ask a volunteer, "What happens to all these beautiful works of art?"  I learned the best will go on to sell from ten to twenty thousand dollars. The rest go home for display, etsy, gifts, etc. It wasn't hard to pick out the works of art over the hobbiests, as they usually had ribbons attached. Some quilts take years and use over 6000 individually cut pieces of fabric. I pondered the cost benefit of such dedication compared to Picasso or Monet. Are they a result of better technologies, artists having more free time, or higher evolved creativity than quilts of the past? Probably all three.

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