Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mosman to the Rocks track walk

This past week the Redlands Track walk group had a 5km hike from Mosman Ferry wharf to the Rocks. For three women, it was their last hike as some return home or part ways to deal with other transitions in life. We had gorgeous weather and it hardly felt like the precipice of winter holiday, shedding layers as we rounded Cremorne Point. The walking trail was wide enough in several places to actually chat alongside someone while hiking. Combined with a 20 minute ferry return, I felt a great deal of time was spent connecting with people instead of exerting ourselves physically.  The more I listen and empathize with fellow expat moms, the smaller my daily burden feels.

One woman shared her story of a volunteer organization she is traveling to Cambodia with. Being her first trip with them and first time to a third world culture, she shared her feelings of anxiety and excitement. I was proud of her for pushing outside of her comfort zone, even 15 years my senior, on a level that changes much about your outlook on life. Her daughter is spending the summer in Ghana with Engineers without borders and was her source of inspiration. It's stories like these that can make you feel hopeful and proud inside, when all else feels backwards about progress and the human race. Today, I was proud to have walked a mile alongside her in life. Now back to packing!

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