Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tunks Park and Flat Rock Gully Reserve

Earlier this month for our Redlands Mom track rock we hiked from Tunks Park to Flat Rock Gully. I enjoyed the park so much, I decided to take the family there on Sunday for a lazy stroll. The park is very close to our house, but easily overlooked. The entrance is rather hard to get to, and from first glance you might think it is a bunch of footy fields. Indeed when we arrived, an ambulance was taking one poor soul away on a stretcher after a rough go on the fields. After a few minutes of gawking we cheered for him and made our way to the trail head under a series of bridges.

Flat rock creek runs under the entire length under the park and feeds into Long Bay. Quaker hat and Long Bay are connected and I realized we could have kayaked to this park as easily as drove, just a bit on the chilly side. The trail crosses the creek using a stone pathway that is difficult for small children to cross. We turned around and headed back to the playground at the entrance. It looked rather new and had creative equipment, two diggers, a stone pit, and frogs to climb on. Nolan LOVED running around with the dogs on the footy fields after the game, and I enjoyed snooping at amazing homes perched up both cliffsides. It felt like one of those Sundays you hate to let go of to the week ahead.

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