Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rocks Ghost Tour

This past Friday night my husband kindly volunteered to babysit while I went on a Ghost Tour of Sydney's oldest part of town, the Rocks. The tour takes you to several historical crime scenes over a two hour time period, all the described in gorey detail. The tour guide had to memorize an impressive amount of dialogue and never once broke character. Some of the memorable stops were the Australia Hotel, the Waterloo, hangman's hill, the Suez Canal prison, Observatory hill, Mrs. "Robinsons" home, and the excavated home at the end.

While I wouldn't call the tour scary or haunting, it was great from a historical perspective. Armed with our torches and imaginations, I felt like the Mystery Gang walking around Hangman's hill for a great night view of the city. At one point one of our friends went missing only jump out of an excavated fire pit and scare the crapola out of us. We were encouraged to take photos to spot paranormal activity, and in some instances role played as prisoners to more vividly paint the gruesome picture of their lives.  It would have been interesting to go inside they prison at Suez Canal or see the tunnel in the Waterloo Hotel. In the end, I mostly agree with the Time Out Sydney review of the tour, historically accurate and well guided, but not terribly frightening. Still worth the fun time spent with friends who did a great job organizing it for this fly on the wall.

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