Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Classic

This past mothers day marked the first time I ever participated in a timed running event. The Mother's Day Classic was a 4km (2.5 mile) course around the Sydney domain on the route in the picture below.  This is a bit longer than the run I normally do twice a week, but flat as a pancake comparatively. I prefer training by hiking 8-10km a week at a decent pace, sometimes with Nolan on my back, so I wasn't completely unprepared. It was a bluster day as pooh would say, but that didn't keep runners from showing up in troves. Many were dressed in crazy pink ensembles, dedicating their runs to family or lost loved ones. Impressive also, were the number of children and volunteers that were set up to help along the way. It really blew me away how much work goes into race day.

So how did I finish? Well... better than average but I'm no speedy Gonzales, and the crowd was more about pleasure than competition. I placed 519th out of 2349 4k participants. 44th in my category, I finished in 23.37 putting me in the top fifth.  I'd like to run another race just to have something to compare it to, but I'm not convinced distance is my strong sport. The last time I've competed athletically since having children was in Ultimate Frisbee league at IBM. I didn't join a gym in Mosman since our time here is limited and I wanted to be sure to spend as much as possible outdoors sight seeing or kayaking.

The best part of the whole experience was the inspiration you get from watching the frontrunners, friends, and adolescent athletes compete. There were a group of 10yr old girls that finished just ahead of me with amazing stamina. Watching the 8km athletes run past the finish line at 24 minutes was incredible. And watching friends overcome personal goals was an amazing feeling too. I was so proud of them for working their hardest! Since the runs started at 7:30, I was home and refreshed before lunchtime. Ana gave me the sweetest mothers day necklace and card she made at school. I'd say it was one of my most memorable mothers days to date!

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