Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crazy Love

A lifetime of commitment
Over a decade ago on a lonely Friday night in Duhme Hall, after finishing my counselor rounds at 2am, I sat down to analyze who it was I was really seeking in a life partner. A three year relationship had come to an abrupt end, leaving me with a feeling of poorly defined objectives about human character. It was time to do some serious soul searching, even if only on paper. My best thinking usually happens just before bed, and what better time to put your emotions to work than right after they've been challenged. Here is the poetic self-pact that ensued:

Teaching the Jedi ways
The person I marry will be so tall that when he is on his knees, his heart reaches all the way to heaven.  His shoulders are broad enough to bear the burden of a family.  His lips are strong enough to smile, firm enough to say no, and tender enough to kiss me.  His life is so deep that it takes its stand in God and so wide that it takes the whole world in.  

Strong  Boiler Loyalty
He is active enough to save souls, big enough to be gentle, and great enough to be thoughtful.  His arms are strong enough to carry a child.  His loyalty is like a stamp; sticking to its purpose and helping it get there.  He finds the greatest use for life is spending it on something that will outlast it.  His character is clearly disclosed just by the way he discloses others.  His work will become his self-portrait, and his kite will rise high to be seen by everyone because he flies against the wind.  

The world is not enough
His passion towards life elevates souls to do great things.  He never sees any obstacles in his way because his eyes are always on the goal.  His laughter is glowing, contagious, always leaving you wanting more.  He is natural, frank, and honest with everyone he meets, and he always know when it's better to be alone than in bad company.  He is not only popular by man’s standards, but he is just by Christian standards.  He knows something because he is such a good listener, not because he can tell you anything about anything.  He never finds himself in a hopeless situation because he never thinks hopelessly.  When he is wrong, he is willing to change, and when he is right, he is easy to live with.  
Life as a Champion

His courage is not the absence of fear, but the master of it.  He never despairs because his helper is omnipotent.  He has the best of manners, always says please and thank you; excuse me, what can I do for you, pulls out chairs, opens doors, knocks before entering, waits his turn, and returns things in better condition than he borrowed them.  He holds authority figures in the highest respect and is the master of compliments.  

Aiding the Ukraine
He is too busy to worry during the day and too smart to worry at night.  When he labors for others, it will be with greater effort than for himself because others always come first.  Many people may be smarter, but no one will profit as much from advice.  He is always on his way to something great because he is so focused, dedicated, and disciplined.  

Resisting temptation
He uses things and loves people instead of loving things and using people.  He knows that in one hundred years it will not matter that he got the big break or won the battle.  In one hundred years it matters to him that he made a spiritual commitment and lived to tell about the war.  Instead of cornering people, he gets them in his corner.  He always shoots for the moon and lands in the stars.  He can do the common things uncommonly well.  

Wholesome beginnings, leading 11
He prefers the dreams of the future rather than the stories of the past.  He is never doomed to disappointment because he trusts in God instead of himself.  He is mature because he accepts responsibility, not because he is old.  He is always happy because although he does not have everything, he makes the best of what he does have. 

Taking the road less traveled in life
He learns from others good experience because he keeps company with good people and in return learns to live like them.  He makes decisions easily because he knows he has good values.  He conquers himself rather than the world.  He knows he is only one, but still one can do something and so he never refuses to do the something one can do.  He is never afraid to turn his back on the crowd to lead the orchestra.  

Seeking extraordinary challenges
He never crosses a bridge he doesn’t get to first, and his long-range goals keep him from getting frustrated by his short-range failures.  He sees possibilities before they become obvious because his mind is clear of failure and can’t.  His “I will” is higher than his IQ, and if he fails nine out of ten times, then he just does ten times more work.  He exercises digging for facts instead of jumping to conclusions.  

Navigating corporate waters
He never uses two words when only one will do.   He has the courage to discover oceans because he in never afraid to leave the shore.  His success is due to his enthusiasm and perseverance.  He never regrets saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.  He carves his name on hearts instead of marble and captivates the soul.

This may look like a tall order to fill, but why would anyone commit to less? It is through this crazy lens of marriage I have awakened spiritual and cultural senses I never knew possible. Our first full month of dating felt like tiger balm on the temples, dreaming up endless possibilities of a lifetime together. I am so proud to call Paul my husband, through thick and thin. When the day is done, he makes me become the person outlined in my own words. Rightfully so <3

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