Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bobbin Head Warrimoo track

Bobbin Head is one of several heads that make up Ku-Ring-Gai national park. Cockle & Cowan creek split just after the Bobbin Head marina which eventually meets the Hawksberry river and the ocean. We decided to pack up Nolan and head down the Bobbin Head track towards the Sphinx memorial. The track is mostly shaded sand and pine needle. You follow the creek for the majority of the trip, crossing several small streams and narrow boulders. We quickly learned we should have brought hiking shoes for this trail as the sand made for an unpredictably slippery terrain.

Ana's picture of Bobbin Head
Unfortunately just after handing over Nolan to my husband, he took a spill down the embankment. I've never seen Paul fall on a trail in our 8 years of hiking together, and my first reaction was to scream then chase after them. They were headed straight for the river and with Nolan strapped in I didn't want to picture the results. Luckily a tree halfway down broke their fall and everyone ended up with a few mild scrapes and bruises. Nolan was shaking and looked a bit like his cheeks were hit with a cheese grater, but everyone recovered. We swallowed our pride and cut the hike short, heading back to the playground for some bandaged fun. The Bobbin Head trail has a fair amount of traffic, and I would learn from our mistake by using walking sticks and suitable hiking shoes.

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