Thursday, May 31, 2012

Allenby Park

Thursday morning is the slowing point of our weekly routine. By then we have conquered three days of school, hikes, runs, ballet, jazz, playdates, and we simply take a morning to ourselves to pause before the final push of the week. Yesterday we decided to visit the Secret Closet and have a short hike around Allenby Park.  If you have children, the Secret Closet is a savers goldmine. How I miss my consignment shopping in Georgia! They carry quality gently used label brand clothing for kids, and I walked away with two knit dresses, new tights, and a pair of slippers for Ana under $50. They also sell some very artistic north shore wall art whom I was told is designed by a former Hanna Barbera cartoonist. 

Allenby park is just north of Warringah mall, and the council website makes it look like an enchanted find. Indeed, it may be better accessible from the bottom of the park. Unfortunately my GPS took us to a gated old service road. We hopped out and pushed Nolan along the steep decline, passing rotting cars and what appeared to be an old military bunker. We eventually came to what looked like a reservoir that has been freshly broken into. Ana was keen on climbing through the clipped gate until I told her that baddies had broken the law and snuck in with spray paint. Ana isn't much for rule breaking, so we returned to the car just in time to avoid the morning rain. Whatever picturesque rainforest lies within Allenby park will likely remain a mystery to me.

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