Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wellington Reserve & 40 Baskets Beach

If ever I've needed a reset weekend since moving to Sydney, it was this weekend. Everyone has their fair share of bad days, but this weekend I've been downright foul and wretched to my family. I think God was doing me a favor by taking our lost souls to the quaint little tucked away beach in Balgowlah. It was deserted, off the grid, easily reached by stroller, and family friendly.

Vacation and a visit from Grandma can not come soon enough. We took a quick hike to 40 Baskets Beach, but did not say a word most of the time. Instead I tried the best to capture some of the landscape with my HTC Inspire. I haven't been as happy with this phone as my Samsung focus. Even though the megapixels are greater (8 over 5), the light differentiation is horrible. I've learned the hard way that more megapixels does not mean superior photos. Whats worse, the Inspire cost $200 more than my old Focus!

 Look closely as a brave lone fisherman trusts his balance on the rail (right).

After completing the tagging process of our 30k photo collection, I keep telling myself I am going to brush up the ten thousand or so that are purely landscapes. There are so many amazing photographers out there, it is hard feel significant about your own work and I'm coming to grips with weather or not it is worth the time investment. Hardly any of our photos are high resolution or utilizing the latest filter technologies. Perhaps we should skip right over to a 3D camera for our next purchase? My daughter's 10yr old Chameleon is better at capturing light and tones than this disappointing camera phone.

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