Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daintree Rainforest

This past week my husband and I were lucky enough to have a babysitter to care for our children while taking a three day holiday in Port Douglas. We stayed in an apartment at the Martinique on Mocrossan, just a short walk from the beach and restaurants. On our first day we drove through the Daintree rainforest all the way to Cape Tribulation, as far as you can travel without 4WD vehicle. To get there you must pay $22 for a round trip crossing over the  crock infested Daintree river. There are several family friendly stops along the way, a snack house, bat cave, Daintree Tea company, and a few restaurants. We took the advice of our  hosts and walked the Mardja Boardwalk. We were the only ones on the trail at 8am on a very soggy Thursday which made for a peaceful 1km walk.

The rainforest was amazing and terrifying. It had huge mangroves, endless swampland, stinger treesgigantic spiders, and the biggest thorns you've ever seen on a plant. Not to mention all the crocodiles, casowarries, tiny kangas, stingrays, and jellies. It is no wonder Captain Cook aptly named his landing point Mount Misery. I could not imagine surviving three meters on my own into what I would have called the "jungle of death" instead of the worlds oldest rainforest. Awesome and terrifying! On our drive back down from Cape Tribulation we stopped at Noah's beach for a bite of carrot juice and stinky cheese. The beach was beautiful, unspoiled, and all ours; Paul's favorite find of the day! We enjoyed the tea leave and sugar cain fields, even in the torrential downpour and took video footage for Paul's experience room. We did feel a little slimy after the whole excursion and opted for multiple baths. We were on vacation without kids after all!

Left: Paul at Noah's beach. Middle: Daintree Tea fields. Right: Hotel Martinique salt water garden

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