Thursday, March 29, 2012

The True Cost of Anything

When it comes to spending habits, I have my fair share of strange ones. I tend to cut corners in strange areas. For example, I still don't own a wedding band; I've never paid someone to pull hair out of my body; I regularly buy outfits from second-hand stores; With the exception of my lemon tree, I haven't spent any money on gardening and until recently I was an avid couponer. One area, however, that I tend to spend more than usual on is media and electronics. We have one computer per person in our home (two if you include smartphone/ipads), and our Amazon book bill for the year is quickly approaching $500.

Ana's Birthday video 2009

This year for Christmas I spent more on software/hardware for myself than any other category. I finally made good use of it this week and put together our first video in years (previous two are above and below). While I found the results amusing, Paul correctly commented it was more a showcase piece than making memoriable use of our video footage. He prefers hearing commentary but since my brain is almost always running a song at any given point in the day, this is more of how life feels through my lens. The true cost of anything is the amount of time you spend on it, and in spite of my geeky habits I'm more than happy with the way I chose to spend my money AND time. This is also a reasonable explanation for why my blog has a plethora of grammatical errors. :)

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