Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Leonard Park

At least once a month the Backscheiders take a library family outing. It gives both adults a free moment to explore books, and there is almost always a park nearby. Having tried every library in the Shorelink system, our personal favorite is Stanton Library in North Sydney. It is has the largest volume of books, is newly renovated, and is next to St. Leonard Park. Neither the library or the park are exceptional for kids as there is no playground. The book collection, however, I found to be better than Mosman, Crows nest, and Willouby library. St. Leonards park has a basketball court with an incredible view, and a small WWI & II memorial. I imagine something will commence there in a few weeks for Anzac day.

Bruschetta, Aboriginese, and pressed flowers, oh my!

We have also been taking advantage of having a children's library available to us at Ana's school. On Mondays we check out ten books, and I'm determined to have most of the collection read by the end of the school year. They have comfy stuffed animal nooks for reading, and entertainment for Nolan's age. Lately I've been reading up on healthy food recipes since I am determined to take less and less menselazine.  We definitely need to find material on flower drying and pressing.  Our first two flowers ended up as mush!

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