Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mount Kosciuszko

On Thursday night Paul and Dave took a mini mancation in Canberra. Their final destination was to be Mount Kosciuszko on Friday night, the tallest summit on continental Australia. Seven summit purists would argue Carstensz Pyramid is the true tallest peak of Oceana, and a much more difficult climb. Kosciuszko's  trail is 18km and took 4 hours round trip with an approach from the Charlotte pass. The vertical change isn't technically challenging, and the trail is fairly wide and manageable in summer weather. It was sleeting near the top, which Paul and Dave reached around 10pm. I won't claim it was the smartest decision to summit at night, as the drive back was full of animal road crossings. I'm happy they made it up and down safely.

Meanwhile, back home Ana was having her first birthday slumber party. I made it easy on myself and kept the number to half a dozen guests, only two of which stayed the night. It was a good thing too since I only own 3 sleeping bags! I am the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to planning parties, and again cut a bunch of corners. I looked up party games on Pinterest two hours before their arrival and threw together a pin the crown on the princess, scavenger hunt, lego ring toss, and clothespin drop (pictured below). I also picked up Disney movies and a delicious strawberry cream cake the day before since Paul was gone with the car Friday night. The entire evening went fairly smoothly, and we only had one slice of leftover pizza. Ana received so many clever gifts, a puzzle, shamu floatie, fairy wings, and a flower press. Ana is fortunate to have so many wonderful friends!

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