Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bond Street to Redlands

Starting last Monday, Ana has been attending a new pre-school called Redlands.  For the previous six months she attended Bond St. Montessori daycare, a small facility of 7 teachers and 30 kids.  She has really grown fond of the teaching staff and her mates. It is always hard to say goodbye and on our last day we brought in cupcakes. It took the better part of a day and several attacks from our aggressive ant colony, but the look of satisfaction on two dozen faces was worth it.

Plan B
This William Sonoma Pan makes me hate my life

Her new school is a bit more structured in pace and curriculum, offering french, music, art, sports, and library days. Everyone in her class is closer in age, and there are too many after school activities to keep track of. I can tell Ana hasn't made a close friend yet, but she seems happy enough and brings home lots of creative art. Overall I am pleased with the new more formal classroom setting, and get the feeling that Ana is too.

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