Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ana behind the Lense

A few weeks ago Ana dug up an old Chameleon Largon digital camera. It was a freebie giveaway when buying a dell ten years ago and takes teeny tiny photos. It is a great way to teach photography basics and I allowed her to take it to her school playground to practice. It also teaches photography manners, something increasingly important in today's paparazzi world. We always ask when taking or using a photo of a friend, and remember that some people have certain sensitives about their photos. I remember going post crazy when I first joined Facebook. I have since learned my lesson, but not without hurting feelings in the process. I'm hoping Ana will figure it out quicker than I did.


In addition to our regularly scheduled weekly programs, we had a classmate's birthday in Narabeen, dinner guests, family library time, and Paul took Ana on a daddy/daughter co-birthday dinner in Clontarf.  We've traveled there by Kayak a few times and it is one of the rare beaches for watching the sunset as it faces westward.  Ana asked for breakfast in bed with a Lemur for her birthday but settled for the next best thing, a baby lizard. Her imagination has really taken off in the last few weeks, and she regularly gives dialog to inanimate objects. She really melted my heart this morning by whispering over breakfast that I was the best cook in the whole world. I have house guests that could attest otherwise, but somehow none of that mattered all in an instant. What... a... feeling.

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