Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I have been slacking on the blog posts this month, mostly due to being sick all week. February is also a slow travel month for us. I noticed this trend while picking through our photo archive. It has been my ongoing lifelong  project  and while some would find it boring to tears, I love digging in the past. Our collection consists of 28,000 photos (down from 31,000 last month) spanning seven decades. Tagging them has been a monstrous undertaking. It is fun finding the rare occasional shot, or old video of someone meaning to snap a picture. Here is a quick breakdown of how many photos I have tagged:

29,765 Total Photos
550 Unique person tags
4 Celebrity sightings caught on camera
350 Pet Dog Photos (Bogie & Benson)
55 Photos with Santa
3656 tags of Myself
3042 tags of Ana
1950 tags of Paul
800 tags of Nolan

Paul and I contemplated the true number of photos someone has had taken of themselves in their lifetime and I put that number around 6,000. I'm hoping future versions of windows give you a world map view of all your Geotags. Nearly 10,000 photos in our collection contain no people at all! It would be impossible for future generations to pinpoint where everything was taken. We have taken many precautions to back-up and even protect our digital photos in our will. If nothing it will assure our children they came from a set of mildly obsessive compulsive narcissistic parents. :)

Celebs: Anchor John Roland & Wife; Bono in straw hat; The parents with Arnold Palmer;

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