Friday, February 17, 2012

Echo Point and Garigal National Park by Kayak

Echo Point Park

Previous trip to Willoughby Bay
On Australia day Paul and I set course for Castle Cove Explosives reserve via Kayak. It was a 6-7km trip per person, and I was to be the first victim. Our rendezvous point was to be Echo Point Park. I made a pit stop at Flack Rock beach and climbed the slippery steps up to the falls. The trail around the falls are part of Garigal national park, and you can easily hear them up to 100m echoing off the water. The rain made for a larger than usual flow down the falls, but also thwarted any snorkeling efforts for the trip. I was a little dismayed at how much debris and dirt is churned up by the rain.

Ana in full Kayak gear
I hopped back in my orange vessel and made way for the only visible marina, Echo marina. I was excited to pass several wake boarders, determined not to let bad weather ruin their holiday. As I passed several floating bottles, tennis balls, plastic bags, and other debris I did my good Samaritan deed for the day and threw them on the back of the yak. By the time I reached Paul I'm sure I reeked of rain, salt water, trash, and sweat. I booked it the last Kilometer since I had been lollygagging on the beach for half an hour and was well out of breath.  Nevertheless, he was pleased to see me and his precious kayak. Unfortunately I forgot about my cell phone tucked away in the front pocket of our lone life vest. On his return trip, Paul took several dunks in the mud-drenched bay leaving my Focus phone and well-documented trip for the grave yard. In an attempt to recreate pictures from the trip I discovered other adventure blogs posting pictures of the exact same journey. Few are done by Kayak which could give me a niche if I were thoughtful enough to ensure better protection for my electronics.

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