Sunday, February 5, 2012

Collins Beach by Kayak

A tragedy occurred two weeks ago on Australia Day. While Kayaking, my cell phone took a dive for the worse. A normal person would have said, "Shit, there goes $200 dollars down the drain."  My reaction was more along the lines of, "Man, I hope my screw drivers are small enough to take it apart. I wonder if there is a system board replacement on ebay."  Guess i've seen my fair share of 'expensive' electronics come and go.  As a result, we are now relying on an old Sony Ericson 3mpx camera for blog photos, and a high def Canon camcorder. I spared you the awful pixelation in this entry. The video above is Ana making her first dash across Collins Beach in Manly.

A 4km kayak trip from our home, the trip to Collins beach is mostly open ocean. I didn't expect the trip to be so daunting from a Kayak. I had, after all, been on a boat in the open ocean swells a number of times. After 40 minutes in I remember holding back my pancakes several times as I crossed the 6ft swells off Balgowlah head. Fishermen cast their hooded gaze nonchalantly 30m from shore as if to taunt my seasickness. Fortunately Paul let me kayak second, making the toughest part of my trip at the very beginning.  As I grew infinitely closer to Balmoral beach, giant ferries approached me from the North and South. You've never seen a white girl paddle so hard and with so little progress. Every giant wave spun my little kayak 30 degrees or more off course. In the end the calluses and exhaustion were worth the fight, but I missed getting that great near-ferry miss picture with my on-board camera. Total distance paddled: 7km

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