Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reef Beach, Balgowlah

Nearing the end of a very rainy weekend, and our patience with indoor kid activities, The Backscheider fab-four made our way to Reef Beach. There are a plethora of awesome looking beaches you can spot on google earth, or by simply kayaking around. This one was accessible only by hike so we were ready to give it a go. We strapped Nolan in his pack, threw water, towels, and nuts into my pack and made the 1km decent from Tania Park down to reef beach. I later learned there was a much quicker route than the one we took.

Similar to Barrenjoey, this hike was a reverse climb starting with an easy 20min ascent past several lookouts and a split-off trail towards the spit bridge in the opposite direction. Ana said she could smell the beach from the start and knew the way to go. Her stamina never fails to amaze me! Paul was positive and encouraging the entire return trip, complimenting her pace and strength. As I strode down the hundreds of sandy steps, I always remember how fortunate I am to live in an age of prosperity. To have enough modern conveniences to use our daily energy for pure pleasure, instead of relying on it to make ends meet. I never forget that it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants that we are able to travel and achieve so much in our lives.

Once down to the beach we indulged in a little seclusion and snorkeling. The reef was teeming with large fish, sea urchins, and unfortunately blue bottles. I was so excited to get a chance to finally do some Sydney snorkeling and will be on the hunt for some fins and a working breathing tube this week on gumtree. The pinnacle of the day is always over too quickly, and we made our retreat to the car. Not before taking this awesome picture of my sea-curls. That mane is enough to keep even the most curious sharks away!

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