Thursday, January 12, 2012

Primrose Park & Brightmore Reserve

If the temperature in Sydney is 20c by 9am, you know you are in for a hot day. With that in mind, Nolan and I made our way to Primrose park early morning after dropping Ana at Montessori. Situated on the north side of Neutral Bay, the larger park offers several unique features including an arts & craft center, tennis courts, cricket nets, and a small race track for scooters and bikes. Much to one child's dismay, there are no scooter petrol stations available on the course.

The sports fields are a popular place for dog lovers, and Nolan chased after them with delight. Willoughby bay surrounds the north end of the park and harbors several boat/mansion combos.  The kayak ride from our wharf to Willoughby bay looks to be around 1km on the map and if I can ever get Nolan to sit still, I may venture out with him in that direction. He hasn't shown signs of being much of a morning person and prefers to nap early and stay up late like his Grandpa Bock.

On the way back to the car I spotted two men flying a remote controlled plane, something I haven't seen since visiting my Chicago cousins in the early 90s. There wasn't enough sun cover to be a close spectator, but Nolan was still able to spot the plane. I used to be surprised by the number of people you find on the beach or in parks on any given random weekday, but I've now gotten used to it. Work to live is the Ausi no-worries way, even if it means missing a Friday here or there. 

A man and his drone
Primrose Arts & Craft Center

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