Friday, January 27, 2012

Excursioner Sundays

Ever walk away from a deal feeling like you just uncovered Hatchesphuts tomb, or fountain of youth? I love coming home with a full bag of clothes for only $50, or delicious meal for under $30. This Sunday, Paul and I struck the mother of all deals in Sydney. Every Sunday, unlimited public transport is only $2.50 for parents and free for kids. For FIVE dollars you can roam around the entire city by bus, ferry, or train. THAT is quite a deal.  So this past Sunday, Ana and Nolan embarked on their first ferry trip across Sydney harbor. 

When Ana saw a huge cruise ship parked at circular Quay she remarked, "Mom! Those people are celebrating. I want to celebrate too!"  With that in mind we made our way through the botanical gardens, past the Fernery and bamboo trail towards The New South Wales art Gallery. After spending an hour at the art gallery, we were ready for a rest in Hyde park. I should have known better as "rest" is not yet in Nolan's vocabulary. He spent the better part of an hour chasing the pigeons around the park and splashing in the fountain.  Hyde park is near Paul's Ausgrid office and he frequents it for lunch.  I'm glad to finally see what part of his working day is like.

After a quick bite from a sandwich stand, we hopped on the nearest train back to circular quay and caught the Mosman ferry back home. The entire trip took four hours and cost a grand total of $15.00. The botanical gardens and art museum were both free. If I had been touring the city, I would have included the free walking tour of the opera house nearby (I later discovered there is no free tour of the Opera house, just a very cheap one for kids).  If traveling with kids, I recommend using a double stroller. Ana walked for most of the 3km trip, but still enjoys being pushed around like a princess. After her baths she still wants me to "hold her like a baby", something I'm secretly not ready for her to grow out of yet either. 

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