Friday, January 20, 2012

Clontarf Reserve by Kayak

Saturday morning I embarked on my first major kayak outing. Anxious to put my mom role down for a few hours, I plotted a course from Quaker hat bay to Balmoral beach, a 3.5km 1.5hr one way trip. The plan was for Paul to meet me at Balmoral and resume control of the craft with Ana in tow. The weather was mostly cooperative, with a few light showers that are hardly noticeable in a kayak. While passing under the spit bridge I passed a skull of 4 boys no older than 10 with a tiny coxswain showing nothing but the crown of his head and microphone. They were booking it pretty fast and used a seating arrangement counter-intuitive to my previous rowing experience.

While drifting along I passed several marinas, mansions, and groups of tourist kayakers headed in the opposite direction of me. Some of the harbored boats were so large, they had two or three dinghy's attached. One even had a speed boat, and two jet skis on the top deck! I made a my way across from the spit marina to Clontarf beach. Clontarf jets straight into the ocean with a good deal of shallow sand for 50m or so. It houses several private properties right on the beach, something you don't see much of so close to Sydney. I watch an older couple take down their matching kayaks from their beach-side mansion and book it across Hunters Bay.  I didn't stand a chance of keeping up, and was tired and chilled but happy to receive curbside service at Balmoral.
Waiting for pickup under the Balmoral Gum tree

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