Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Art Gallery of NSW

Have I ever mentioned I love art? Surprising since we don't have a huge collection, and hardly any is original. I enjoy the emotion a work of art can unsurface, similar to an old song you hear on the radio or replaying your father's old mixed tape. I spend around an hour a week on art, on pinterest, creating galleries on art.com, or simply collecting images for a screensaver on my computer. With image search tools, virtually any painting is available at your fingertips. If you see a piece of work you like, simply snap a phone photo and send it to art.com's image match database.  In our visit to the NSW's art gallery last week, I may have embarrassed my husband with my enthusiasm. Snapping photos, taking notes, it was better than being in a candy store as a kid. Picasso was the paid exhibit, but since we already have been to his museum in Spain and Germany, we opted for the free tour. Below are some of the more exciting pieces in their collection.

Claude Monet: Port Goulfar, Bell-Ile 1887
Philip Wilson Steer: Ludlow Castle 1898

Vincent Van Gogh, Head of a Peasant 1884.

Edgar Degas, Dancer looking at the sole of her right foot, 1919.
Sir Alfred Gilbert, Comedy and tragedy, 1892.

Edward John Poynter, Helen of Troy 1881.

Giulio Paolini, L'atra figura 1984
Eugene Von Guerard, Milford Sound 1877

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