Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year, A New Look

This year is off to a fresh start, a new look, and lots of fun with friends. We started the week with a bang at the 9pm viewing of the Sydney fireworks.  It was well worth the 2km walk and long day of travel to see the look on Ana's face as she watched the show. She was so excited and rushed to tell everyone in school about it her first day back.  We snuck onto a beach right next to Taronga zoo and to Ana's delight several other children were already there playing in the water. I was too wiped to stay up for the midnight show, but enjoyed the bonding time and some Kiwi wine straight out of the bottle.

Goodbye baby curls, hello Manly Nolan.
The first week after the holidays brought three honeymooning couples to Australia. I wasn't surprised with the Australian open right around the corner.  We also had a busy week of just pure post-holiday maintenance, car tuneups, haircuts, redecorating, returns, new computer setup, and embarking on a maiden kayak voyage (see video at bottom).  I've started to plan out in my head some of the Kayak adventures I want to attempt and post in our blog. The weather, my energy level, and kids all have to be accounted for just for a simple 1hr ride. When did exercise involve so much planning? If Paul and I enjoy it enough, we may install a roof rack for some trips up around Barrenjoey.  Hopefully some of the other visitors that travel our way such as Paul's siblings and my parents, will also enjoy traveling on the harbor.

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