Friday, December 2, 2011

Ku-Ring-Gai Wildflower Garden

Kangas, Goannas, Koalas, Oh my! We are so fortunate to have a picture perfect Saturday to hike as a family this morning. We headed to Ku-Ring-Gai's Wildflower Garden which has a well paved bicycle path for strollers. We were the only ones on the trail today and happened to run into some amazing creatures, including a huge 10lb Goanna lizard. These guys pack a nasty bite full of harmful bacteria that can make it's prey very sick. After nearly stepping on the first one we crossed, we were more cautious and managed to spot three more.  It's not hard to miss them on the trail, as their dark hides blend in perfectly with the pavement.

This part of Ku-Ring-Gai has been heavily damaged by bush fire and there were several trees that had been split clear in half. Everywhere you could see scribbly gum trees that had been chewed by a special larva specific to those trees.  We made our way to the Education Center where two or three birthday parties were going on at once. Ana really wanted to stay for the party, but it was time to use the potty and head home. Another great family outing!

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