Thursday, December 8, 2011

Clifton Gardens Concert

Happy six-months living down under! This weekend Ana's school had a Christmas picnic at Clifton Gardens. It is the ideal spot to take a family for an afternoon barbecue and splash about. There is a huge sand playground, several shaded pavilions, and even a Nicecream truck that is constantly swarmed with kids.  Ana wore her flower girl dress from a year earlier and sang songs in Spanish, the Waltzing Matilda, and was lead triangle for We Wish you A Merry Christmas.  Since many Australians are Atheist (including Prime Minister Julia Guillard), they respect a diverse array of holiday celebrations here. Christmas itself isn't as big as the US (I have yet to see a nativity scene), and many children were wearing silver New Years party dresses or no holiday outfit at all.

The other part of our weekend was spent entertaining Paul's work colleagues that flew in from the US. We also managed a quick trip to Manly for some icecream at the Movenpick. When you can't decide which flavor is best, it's best to try them all. Our friendly neighbors recently moved to Manly, leaving us surrounded by empty houses on 3 of 4 sides. Supposedly two will be under construction in 2012.  On the way home we paused for a gorgeous sunset over middle harbor then retired to enjoy the final Harry Potter movie. Too dark and wicked for Paul, he left before the end.

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