Saturday, November 19, 2011

Newington Armory

Paramatta River view from Newington Armory Warf. 
There is something about 90 degree weather that brings out our lazy side. This weekend was no exception, we spent most of it at home working on Christmas cards in order for them to reach the states in time for the holidays. Ana worked hard to make one drawing for every card! We did manage a quick trip back to Sydney Olympic Park to check out Newington Armory. Had I known the playground was completely uncovered, we would have skipped the trip altogether.

In spite of having no seasons, Sydney experiences a variety of climates and levels of extreme heat. Though Mosman is mostly tropical, we are blessed with an ocean breeze to keep us from sweating. This is not the case most places in west Sydney. The heat feels like an oven and the sun doesn't let perspiration stay on your skin long. Furthermore, the Olympic park is built mostly on top of a swamp.

The Newington Armory has a nice long Paramatta riverside stroll and picnic pavilion. This is also where you can catch a long ferry ride all the way to Sydney Harbor. The entire scene reminded me so much of the tiny barge river that bends around the south side of Muenster in Germany. Ana had a great time on the playground inspecting everything but the fry-your-hide slide. To cover a playground of this size would be a tremendous challenge and really take away from some of the aesthetics. My best advice is to definitely check it out on a much cooler day than we did.

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