Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Ana enjoing Naima's birthday party
Teacup ride at Lollypops

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back home! The 24th was just another working day for Australians. No crazy consumerism, no turkey or trimming, but we still dished out a weekend of celebration. The rain forced us indoors early in the week, and we started with a trip to visit Santa at Warringah Mall. I did not intend to be in the picture, but my sweet son was terrified of Santa. We also joined friends at an indoor playground called Lollypops. They even have teacups and healthy snack food.  We also had a classmate birthday party celebration complete with chocolate cake and pinata. In traditional style, you invite your entire class over for your birthday here in Australia. I met three Canadian expats, one Israeli, and a few Australians who have made the international rounds. It seems to be a cult here in Mosman, or else the only way people can afford to live here (subsidized).

Grangette Nolan :D

Nolan Counting Birds

On Saturday the rain finally broke in time to purchase a grill and host a pool party.  I made carribean shish kebabs with bacon wrapped bananas and strawberry salad. Our guests brought a delicious chocolate cake, ice cream, and pasta salad for the kids. Watching the sun set over the bay while lounging by the pool with friends was a perfect end to the day.  On Sunday I escaped Naima's birthday party just in time to catch Frank and Georgina at their lovely Neutral Bay restaurant, The Blue Plate. The aroma of American cuisine made me miss home as soon as I walked in the door.  Their Wyoming Chili and stuffing is delicious. Frank also let us test out his new desert, the Hersey Bomb. It was amazing, and they sent me home with all the leftovers!! They were such friendly and generous people, it really helped fill the void left by proximity to family on such a weekend. We are fortunate to live in such a wonderful Mosman community!

My left arm is covered in Santa sweat, but at least we have smiles!

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