Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dress Upcycling

This week started with an inventory sheet of our family's clothing needs. I usually take stock once a year and create a sticky note to take shopping with me for Christmas.  The lack of consignment sales and coupons makes bargain hunting in Australia a challenge. Instead I decided it is time to dive into making some of our own clothes, more specifically for Ana and I. Dresses seem like an easy place to start and is something we can both always use.  The key is finding material that isn't on it's last leg and has an interesting pattern.  The week Paul and I both left IBM is the week I started thrift shopping for practical purposes.  Now it is more for fun and I try to keep my purchases to exciting colors and patterns. I find it is easier to modify an existing outfit than start from scratch, but maybe that will change.

This yellow dress was Ana's favorite Gymboree summer 2009 dress and in summer 2010, she destroyed the teeth on the zipper beyond repair by trying to fit into it one last time. I removed the zipper and added some matching yellow polkadot fabric to widen the overall body and straps. I also added a white strip to the bottom making it longer. Hopefully it lasts for at least this summer. The pink dress was pulled from a scraps bin in a New Castle salvos. It is a work in progress and may become a quilt instead if I can't get the top to fit right.

The retro dress on the left was from the Neutral Bay salvos dress rack. It was a nice silk material with no snags or wear but too small for my body. I tore off the top for a sash, sleeves, headband, and pillowcased the dress with a golden ribbon.  The black dress on the right was my mothers floor length prom dress made by my grandmother. I put some updated fabric from an old NY & Co shirt on the bust and will use the leftover black fabric for a skirt.  Floor length thick polyester is just unacceptable in the Sydney heat. Hopefully it fits and isn't sweltering!

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