Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Darling Harbor

Tumbalong Park was the main event for my children at Darling harbor. The park was crowded by mid day and we were thankful to get an early bird experience.  Tumbalong has challenging areas equipped for all ages. There is a zip line, climbing wall, water park, and HUGE slide. We spent an hour here before strolling to the end of the harbor to check out the boats at the Australian National Maritime Museum. Lucky for us the museum is free and we spent another hour admiring all the amazing displays. Nolan had a go at commanding a submarine while Ana checked out the periscope. Notable displays included regatta boats, steamship engines, an old light house light, and even an entire helicopter hanging from the ceiling. You have to pay extra to go on the tall ships in the yard.

Beer Can Regatta, Darwin

Grandma on the Pyrmont Bridge

The Pyrmont Bridge in Darling Harbor is a pedestrian only swing bridge that used to be a main road into Sydney.  It offers a picturesque view of downtown and a lovely stroll across the water.  We headed east in search of food and found a sushi restaurant near McDonalds - win win.  Nolan even had his first taste of Miso soup through a straw and loved it! Our grilled cheese sushi roll was creative but came without ginger. Ana's food was more gizzard than chicken but did get a cute sushi lollipop. We made our way to the Chinese Garden of Friendship and payed a nominal $5 entrance fee. The garden is well designed and cared for. We saw several Ausi water dragons and even a traditional Dragon Wall. We enjoyed an hours stroll the garden before heading home.

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