Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coogee Cliff Walk

Today was Grandma's last day in Sydney so to avoid severe depression we celebrated properly at Bondi beach. Home to world famous surfers and their parties, the sand at this beach in soft as velvet. The crowd was light today, being 9am midwoch. Ana had a morning splash about in her rashie, and Nolan took a few waves on head first as well.  He screamed but I felt it was a small necessary lesson in fear. He no longer charges right for the water.

Around 10:30 we took the scenic drive around Tamarama and Bronte to south Coogee and parked at a big dog park.  There is a 5km cliff walk from Bondi to here that we scaled 1km of.  My mom was excited to see prickly pear cactus in full bloom for the first time as well as the deep azul Tasman sea. It was a hot muggy day overall, but better to be out than in. Believe it or not, our house doesn't have air conditioning. We decided to take an evening stroll around Cremorne to get one last good look at Sydney harbor and top it off with some pizza at Fritellis. No more family for four more months. #iSad

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