Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tallowa Dam in Kangaroo Valley

On our way home from Fitzroy falls, we decided to take a 30km detour to check out one of Australia's largest dams.  Tallowa is part of the Shoalhaven water supply and is nearly half a kilometer in length.  To Paul's dismay, it is not hydroelectric. The series of tubes you see below are part of an elaborate fishlift to assist with a critical migratory pattern.  Yarrunga lake is popular with anglers and there were several fishing away during our quick visit.

Tallowa Dam Fishlift
The Dam looked sled-able and I wouldn't be surprised to find a youtube video somewhere of a person trying.  Shoalhaven is used as drinking water, so signs and fences are posted everywhere to kindly keep out, lest you want a $10,000 fine.  There was a large boyscout adventure excursion underway when we arrived. 100 paddlers headed upstream in canoes looked like a fun time.  I can't wait to try that with Ana and Nolan!

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