Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rosherville Reserve & Chinaman Beach

Whenever Paul is away on business, we try to keep our weeks busy and our drive time towards explorations minimal.  Last night we went 1.3 miles to Rosherville Reserve.  Just North of Balmoral beach, it is a more private well groomed cove with a playground and wide open sports fields.    I love watching Ana run full speed barefoot, her tiny pigtails bouncing every step. My son has no fear of the unknown, or even the known sometimes.  After sampling the sand, he went straight towards climbing the slide.

After a quick playground inspection we headed for the beach.  Several homes had private beachfront entrances and I imagine they start at 10-12 million. It was low tide when we arrived and low traffic gave us some excellent shells for picking.  I must be getting old because I'm no longer a fan of filling my home with the smelly sandy dead crustaceans, but Ana loves it.  With our pockets full it was time to head back.  Kids and mama worn out - mission accomplished!

Ana has a go at writing her name left stickted on Chinaman

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