Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Australia

Happy Halloween Mates!  This year we were invited to join several expat families at a traditional Halloween party. I'm glad we decided to go, because trick-or-treating in Australia is a bit of a let-down for Ana. Most of the candy was gone by the time we set foot outdoors at 6pm. This year, she decided to dress as a lemur... surprised? I didn't get a good shot with her mask on because she was too busy having fun. Kelly and David, the hosts, decorated a table with dry ice which I have no idea how they found. We had the children feel around in a bowl of witches eyes and worms, some of which ended up being consumed.

Paul chatted merrily over beer with a few Australian and Irish families whileI helped run the pinata and witch table. I wore a magician costume and Nolan dressed in his Lederhosen.  I stayed for a while afterward to help clean up and got to know a DJ label manager from Germany and her adorable three children. All in all, we had a marvelous time and slept very well that night. And I managed not too eat ALL of the candy the kids collected ;-)

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