Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glenrock State Conservation Reserve

Sometimes it's hard to believe how fast the time goes by. We've already been in Australia for five months and this week Paul's colleague Irena commented over dinner, "Your daughter has an Ausi accent."  Paul has been making frequent trips up to New Castle for work, about two hours north of Sydney. This was the first time he offered to take us along and I accepted.  Unfortunately it began pouring rain on the drive up and I didn't get to see as much of Glenrock State Conservation as I would have liked.  Paul also didn't bring his hiking gear, but that doesn't stop a dedicated traveler.

Nolan at Cafe Fresh, Charlestown
After a quick chocolate shake lunch in Charlestown, we made the two hour drive home along the coast. We lamented on the cost of living in Sydney which is inflated even more in our Mosman neighborhood.  Without coupons, I have been searching for creative ways to stay on budget such as recycling old outfits or taking advantage of free movie rentals at the library.  I decided to do a snapshot of what our monthly expenditures look like in Australian Dollars:

Electric Bill $100
2 Annual Zoo passes $260 (same price as 4 U2 tix)
Kid's Chair from Ikea $69 (almost positive I paid $30 in the US)
My first outfit up-cycle attempt
Mac Donalds for family of four $22
Harbor Bridge Toll $4
Eating out Family of 4 budget (pizza, thai) $30-35 no alcohol, no tipping
4kg Halloween Pumpkin $20
Woman's Mall Haircut (no wash or style, just a dry cut) $70
Woman's Swimsuit $50
Gas for my SUV $97
Dentist cleaning $200
Doctor Visit $80
Parking Ticket $88
Half Dozen Eggs $2.75
1 three litre bottle of skim milk $3
1 three litre bottle of whole milk $6
1 Box Cereal 430grms $4
4 Pack AA Batteries $20
Bananas $7 per Kilo (roughly $10 a bunch)
Pringles (1 can) $4
Blueberries 125g (roughly 50 blueberries) $3.20
Average Groceries for a week $200
Average bottle of wine $12
Mazda CX-9 cost $45,000 new + Stamp Fees
National Povery Line $47,000
No Sales tax on anything which is nice!

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