Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dee Why Lagoon & Long Reef

Today we decided to check out the beach just north of Manly called Dee Why.  It is part of a lagoon aquatic reserve that has a shallow reef jetting out into the ocean.  If you walk all the way around the golf course peninsula you will find even more beach on the other side.  There is a very nice paved and boarded walking path that had more dogs than people today. Paul and I took turns watching the children play in the sand while we each made a quick jog up and down the beach. Toting 20lb Nolan around without a stroller can feel backbreaking in the sand.

Ana insists her fairy wings help find shells
 Ana is a beach lover, so on the drive over Paul reminisced about his first trip to the beach.  He was 15 and on a mission trip that took a pit stop in Veracruse, Mexico.  He remembered the tide and waves lifting his body very easily, which is sort of how felt the first time I went in the ocean.  My parents took me to Hilton Head when I was three and I remember holding onto my mom for dear life as the waves pummeled my body. We didn't take Ana swimming this trip as the current was very strong and she is in need of swim lessons. It's amazing how many beautiful beaches there are in Sydney and we feel so spoiled to be able to take our children whenever we want. Don't forget the clear zinc sunblock and hat!

View of Dee Why from the top of Long Reef

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