Friday, October 14, 2011

Balmoral Beach & Rocky Point Island

Rocky Point Island
The weather has slowly been improving and we had our first pool guests this week.  We decided to take an evening stroll at Balmoral beach and catch a full moon rise.  This beach is less than 2km (about a mile) from our home but with two kids we chose to drive.  There is a small Island and bridge going over a sand spit that Ana loved playing under.  Balmoral has a history of shark attacks and you can see remnants of an old shark net positioned 200m from the coastline.

Ana hiding under the spit bridge
When we arrived there was an intense rugby match going on the beach.  As many games as I've watch now, I still don't grasp the rules of how play begins and stops. Any sport that has medics on the field the entire match is too dangerous for me.  I also finally got to go out without my children or husband for the first time since moving to Sydney.  Overindulgence is easy when you go through a four month spell and I was ready to party all night.  Thankfully for my liver, I didn't.  All of the ladies I met were extremely nice and I hope I get to meet them again, though with Paul's schedule I never know. The next three weeks involve crazy amounts of travel for him. Thank goodness Grandma is coming soon!

History of fatal shark attacks at Balmoral

Balmoral Beach wishing well

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