Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Descent into Awesome

Look out pool, my daughter is well armed
In spite of a four day work week, this one was very demanding and stressful for Paul.  A low key weekend of beach lounging and entertaining were in order and we gave our hiking shoes a needed break.  Instead we went kayak and grill shopping, stopped at the Manly library and beach, and enjoyed lunch with some co-workers.  Burgers, corn off the cob, and curry sweet-potato fries... mmmm!

Ana and Reece after Fairyland Class
Ana attended fairyland class round two, the last installment.  This time she went with her fellow American friend Reece.  She still wouldn't eat the Vegemite sandwich, but always has a good time and fairyland.  She can't wait to take grandma there when she visits!  Every Thursday is Imagination Ballet by the lovely Ms. Brittany Nixon.  She is a very talented instructor from Arizona who married an Australian and runs a wonderful program for children.

Pique, Grangette, Plie, then blow a kiss to Ms. Brittany Ana!

On Friday night we took the recommendation of a friend and tried a Fratelli's Pizza in Cremorne.  While the restaurant is very small and packed, the pizza is the best we have found in Australia.  We downed TWO whole pizzas and my belly hadn't felt that good in a long time. I am so thankful we can afford to eat out once in a while, even with young kids.  As hard as it may be having Paul away, or even at home but constantly on the phone through meals and into bedtime, we are extremely lucky to afford such a nice lifestyle.  In spite of my four-month straight babysitting marathon, I constantly remind myself how fortunate I am.

Date night stuffing our faces at Fratelli's Pizza, Cremorne

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