Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sydney Olympic Park

Olympic Torch the "Cauldron"
Yesterday was a fun series of highs and lows, starting with a trip through the Lane Cove tunnel towards Homebush. My husband had business near Sydney's Olympic Park so we decided to spend the morning exploring the area.  Paul and I counted 16 previous trips to Olympic Parks between the two of us: Barcelona, Atlanta, Calgary, Helsinki, Lake Placid, Bejing, Rome, Athens, Los Angeles to name a few.  Sydney's does not dissapoint, and overall it feels less congested than Atlanta, but lacks the ocean scenery of Barcelona.  I was a little disappointed they place the complex so far from some of the prettier parts of downtown Sydney, but understand it is there to serve function beyond the Olympics.  We started at the ANZ stadium and "Cauldron" which looks like a spaceship on stilts (above).

Pole Artwork commemorating Olympic Athletes
After checking out long list of Ausi athletes commemorated on the poles outside the stadium, we took a short drive over to Wentworth Commons to enjoy another well-groomed playground just before being taken by a big storm.  I was disappointed we had to cut the trip short, as I was hoping to see the Newington Armory Wharf.  We will have to save it for next trip.  So what's to do in Homebush during a hale storm except go to Sydney's lone Ikea.  I in no way endorse spending endless hours at Ikea in spite of some of their more clever product offerings. My husband was intent on replacing a picture frame that broke during our move.

Ana at Wentworth Commons Water Recycling facility just before a storm
Our adventures took a long, drawn out dive into frustration when we went separate directions in Ikea without Paul having a phone.  We recovered TWO HOURS later with some meatballs and solar powered lamps.  Thankfully it was two stupid adults, and not one innocent child that was the victim of our careless planning.

Nolan riding a lizard statue in Wentworth Commons sandpit playground

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