Saturday, September 10, 2011

Royal National Park

Happy Sunday to my American Family! Normally we would be enjoying a sporting event, doing a home repair, or going to a birthday party. But since we don't have a house, cable, or many local friends yet our weekend beckoned another National Park visit.  We chose Royal National Park just south of Sydney, the world's second official National Park. Spanning 26km, it has a hugely diverse habbitat of rainforest, beach, heathland, and volcanic cliffs. We parked at Wattamolla beach and decided to do a short hike to Providential Head.  Normally a spot for Whale watching, there were tourist groups hosting camping adventure excursions.  We politiely avoided each other (and their outhouse tents) and made for the cliffs

Providential Head Overlook - No railing!

This didn't turn out to be the safest vantage point to take kids, as there is a narrow trail that falls straight into the ocean.  My nervous nelly husband quickly took in the scene and did an about face with the children. I took a deep breath of ocean air and did my best to hold back the raw emotion you feel when encountering such a beautiful place.  We are so grateful to live within an hours drive of spectacular natural beauty.

After hiking back down to the lagoon and crossing the Wattamolla spit, Ana took a dip while Paul enjoyed the rising tide and trail mix.  The Wattamolla lagoon waterfall looked jumpable, maybe 30ft at most and I know a few people I'd like to bring back to give it a try... once the water is a bit warmer.  Cowabunga! We managed to stream the Purdue and Michigan games via pocket wifi to our car bluetooth radio on the way home. Technology wonders never cease.  I can remember falling to sleep to the exact same endless white noise while my dad would listen to sports games on the drive from South Bend to Detroit.  The torch has been passed...

A good time had by all, and all had by a good time

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