Sunday, September 18, 2011

North Head Quarantine & Fort Hike

North Head in Manly is quickly becoming a family favorite hiking destination. With the sweeping ocean and city views, as well as abandoned military outposts and whale watching, it is really a great quick weekend retreat.  Only 4km from our home in Mosman is the North Fort, known for its Ghost tours of the quarantine station.  There is an erie quietness in the bush as you approach the old graveyard where nearly 500 Sydneysiders were quarantined and burred from small pox infestation.

The trail isn't very stroller friendly, and we ended up having to ditch it half way through the hike. There is a welcome center that accepts donations, had a bathroom, and large pictures of wildlife you can encounter on the trail including the endangered bandicoot! It is sobering to see the graves of so many young people.  I feel fortunate to live in a time and place where vaccinations for my children are possible. I can only imagine the difficulties these families faced through countless bedside hours, or perhaps not even allowed to see their child at all.  

Nothing says, "Come on in" like a missile lawn ornament.

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