Friday, September 30, 2011

Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park

Fitzroy Falls
For most Australians, the first weekend in October is a holiday.  For those who have to work with customers around the world, it is not. We decided to ditch responsibility for a Saturday anyways and head to the huge Morton National Park two hours south of Sydney.  Fortunately the main attraction, a huge cascading waterfall, is on the north end of the park.  Morton spans 1757 square kilometers and is a series of several parks put together with long scenic drives.

Climbing the ridge trail around Kanga Valley
The area around Fitzroy falls is well laid out for tourists and families with a wide mostly flat trail following the ridge path.  There is a decent visitor center, cafe, and well illustrated wildlife guides. Eucalptus and red blossom Banksia trees are the predominant foliage, with the occasional termite mound big enough to house a small horse.  We packed an American style peanut butter and jelly lunch and made a morning of it. 

Warty tree Ent
There are five scenic drives you can take from Fitzroy spanning 30-100km at slow but scenic switchback pace.  We opted to head east through Kangaroo valley toward the ocean.  Nolan was not having a fun time in the car sprouting a bottom molar, so stopping ever hour slowed our pace. Bushwalker mountain is the main lookout of the park from the south end, closer to Eden.  It is doubtful we will ever return to Kangaroo Valley since there are so many places left to see in the world. I'm happy we got to enjoy it, only if for a day.

Kangaroo Valley view from Firetrail lookout

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