Saturday, August 6, 2011

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains

Our dear sister-in-law is the first brave soul to come visit us in Australia.  We celebrated with a weekend trip to the Blue Mountains to see the Three Sisters.  The tourist trail, hosted by Scenic Australia, takes a train ride down to the bottom of the rain forest.  Here you will follow a well maintained series of trails through the forest to a gondola ride to the top past the thee sisters.  There are plenty of additional activities such as abseiling, or serious 8 hr hikes down the golden stairs to the ruined castle.  

This was my first experience in a rain forest and It felt like a movie set of Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  It was chilly, even for winter, and in several places evidence of lightening strikes were evident.  It felt great on the lungs and heart, and I can't wait to take more family back.  We headed up to Eagle Hawk Lookout and the top of the Golden Stairs trail for lunch.  The rock formations play games with your eyes and its no wonder they garner such unusual names.  It was fun to scramble on top of them and remind ourselves of our fragile mortality.

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