Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tania Park to Grott Point Light House

In the Bush near Tania Lighthouse

One of the first parks we drove to when arriving in Sydney was Tania park, and Paul instantly fell in love. The rugby field offers sweeping views of Sydney Harbor, Mosman, Balmoral Beach, and Manly.  We also noticed (from a distance) it housed a secret peninsula with a cliffside lighthouse. We put it on the bucket list!  The structure does not to appear to be a lighthouse at all, but perhaps an old electrical service station.  Either way, there is little wiggle room for kids (or adults) once you reach the end of the peninsula   One wrong step and you will visit Davy Jones locker in the deadly ocean below...

Balgowlah (Pronounced Baalgaalah) is where we'd like to own a home if we ever became permanent Sydney residents.  It is affordable and every bit as beautiful as Mosman.  There is a ferry, quick access to parks, water views, and more than anything it is just plain fun to say. We looked at a few apartments here, but most properties are privately owned and not for rent.

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