Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shelly Beach & North Head

Shelly Beach is perfect and safe for kids
Sydney as our Backdrop on the 4th of July!
If you are looking for a safe beach for kids to swim in, I can recommend three places. Freshwater beach, Balmoral, and Shelly beach.  Shelly beach happens to be our favorite because of the views, proximity to Ben & Jerry's, and good snorkeling. The beach deservingly gets its name for the pebbly and shelly sand which is not ideal on bare feet. It is also the ending point to one of the nicest sydney boardwalks imho from Manly. It is the only place in Sydney that you can catch glimpses of a wild penguin known as the Fairy Penguin. Since moving to Australia, we have visited shelly beach 5 times, and I've never had trouble parking.

A short hike up from Shelly beach is North Head, a famous whale watching spot that offers amazing ocean cliff views. I didn't realize when we were living in Manly how lucky I was to spot whales offshore. The time of year to spot them is June/July and I hope to take our kayak out there one day to get an up close look. Just a short walk from the Corso at Manly will take you to Fairlight. If you are traveling by ferry, you come out right next to this Bavarian bear. The Phoenix Chinese restaurant and Fairlight sailing club here are both fun eats with quaint harbor views.  The sailing club has live music on the weekends, and several flat TVs to catch a quick game of footy.  Apparently Fairlight beach is a popular spot for sharks, as there are big nets up everywhere. 

Bavarian Bear Matradee
Ana wants to take out the skiff at Sunset

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