Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rapid Acclimatization

Ana at the Library

The first thing I do when I'm new to a town (or country) is visit the local library.  They are an unlimited resource for new families and I still hold active cards in five previous cities.  When here make sure to ask for a decent map of the area and ask to circle/highlight points of interest and important shopping. Mosman library holds a good but very crowded story hour, has a decent Zine collection, and some wacky furniture.

You will end up with a to-do list a mile long every time you move, but I always find first-day priorities for us reside on obtaining an internet connection, SIM card, and bank account (citibank if you want a US bank). Remember pricing structure are usually different, such as internet here is charged by usage and rent is weekly.  Any bank will take your money in Australia, but you must have 100pts of ID to obtain a credit card.  Lastly, if you have kids be sure to scope out a playground near your house if you want to keep some sanity.

Countess Park, Mosman

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