Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beauty Point Hike

Beauty Point is the northernmost peninsula of Mosman, and arguably one of the best views of Middle Harbor.  This residential hike is approximately 2km and starts right from our front door! The first half follows Bay st. up up up to Delecta avenue. From there you'll find unmarked steps going down down down to the water where you must ditch any stroller you brought.  It's a short hike from here around the rest of beauty point past a number of tiny natural caves to the spit junction.
Ana exploring sandstone cave, Mosman
The Spit bridge, named for a spit of sand in the water, has parks and marinas on either side. It opens four times a day at regular intervals for tall ships to pass into Sydney Harbor, and has dozens of boats on both sides.  It is a steep incline in either direction to return home, or northbound towards Seaforthe. We are so lucky to have such a picturesque hike right outside our front door.  Both the Mosman free rider and North Sydney cycle route to Manly follow the entire lengthy of 
A literal houseboat parked at Mosman Rowing Club

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